3D animation


Video art

Short film – Antarctica

This is a short cinematography styled documentary about the microbial communities growing underneath the ice of Lake Vanda. This project was edited by yours truly, and created in partnership with fellow artist Mikayla Mays, the scientists from ucdavis, Dawn Y. Sumner, Tyler Mackey, as well as video artist Phillip Benn, who made it possible to gain access to this beautiful footage.

Short film (In progress/ rough cut) – Sola

Short film – Pass don’t tell


Design (Created using Photoshop and Illustrator)


This poster was created and placed on a bus stop in San Francisco.

The goal of this project was to bring awareness to the fact that there are no grizzly bears in California any longer, as they were hunted down in the 1900’s.



Business card, and logo, created for a computer repair business. RapidRep 475317_rapidrep2

Logo created for a video projection mapped installation; “Prohivido Olvidar”.

475318_logo-design 475319_logo-design-2

Prohivido Olvidar animated logo