Design Projects

The Crown

This project dealt with the creation of an Interface using a material as a metaphor/ concept for the interface.

Using a material, I grabbed concepts from said material to implement in my own interface, in the same way that google uses paper as a material concept for their interface.

My material is the Rosary, and I decided to create a different interface for the website

I used the hierarchy, organization and story telling quality of the rosary to implement into my interface; per say a rosary is divided into 5 sections with 10 prayers to be recited in each section; In the same way my interface has 5 themes to choose from, and within each theme there are 10 options or titles to choose from.

The Invisibility Project

This project depicts the use of futuristic technology (based on current technology) to conceal one’s identity.

Technology depicted:  3D scanning, Mapping projection, motion sensors, face tracking, high tech contact lenses with embedded camera, and voice changer.


“Janel is a private detective running quite a successful practice, however her personal life has seen better days… She and her husband decided to get a divorce, after years of marriage their love for each other seemed to have evaporated away. He has become distant and absent. Due to the fact that Janel is the main breadwinner, the divorce will affect her significantly (Monthly payments, selling her property, division of monetary goods, etc.).

Janel is not the only one going through relationship struggles though, her best friend, Erick, has become suspicious of his wife, he believes she is having an affair, so he reaches out to Janel for help, asking her to use her investigative skills to spy on his wife, Mikayla, and document her movements.

Janel follows Mikayla around the following evening. She had previously put on her disguise as to not be recognized by her best friend’s wife. The set up consisted of contacts with a recording camera embedded, a voice changer for if she comes too close for comfort to Mikayla, miniature sensors on her face and a high tech hat capable of projecting a “new” face that alters her own physical characteristics…”